What is an “impersonation,” and how do I exit this view?

In certain situations, you’ll click on a team or athlete and “impersonate” them rather than simply viewing them.  This means that you’re no longer logged in as the club (or team) but are now logged in as the team (or athlete) instead.

Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KwIAIk4Xpsk

You’ll know that you are impersonating another user when you see the maroon-colored spy icon on the top right as well as a bright red bar across the middle of the screen.

To get back to your original login, there’s two options.

1- Click the Spy icon on the top right and select Leave Impersonation.

2- Click the down arrow on the Big Red bar and select the lowest option you see. 

Club Admin Only:

You now have the option to take one (or two steps) backward rather than going back to the Club Admin view and starting over.

For instance, you can log in as the club administrator, impersonate a team, then impersonate a player.  From the red bar’s drop down, you can select to go back to the team’s view.

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