How do I edit teams’ profiles? (Club Login)

1- Go to the Teams tab

2- Search for (left side of the screen) the right team (middle of the screen), or just scroll down

3- Click anywhere within the team’s card, which is anywhere within the rectangle containing the team’s name

4- You’ll notice more details appear on the right for the team. Click More Info

Note: This leads you to “impersonate” the team.  Please see the section on “Impersonations” and how to handle getting back to your original view. 

5- Go to the Team Profile tab

6- Go to the info tab

Head Coach (Top left section):

1- Click the — and select the correct coach from the drop-down

2- To change a coach, click the coach’s name and select a new one.

Team Level/League (Top right section):

1- Click the light grey circle with a white outline of a person (or this is where a level logo appears, so you can click the logo to change anything).

2- Select the closest team level in which your team competes.  Click Next

3- Type in the name of the league.  Click Next.

Note: You may have to refresh the page for the info to appear.

Team Accomplishments (Middle left section):

1- Click Add Another Item

2- Click Start Year

3- Select the year

4- Type in a description

5- Click Add Item

Note: You may have to refresh the page for the info to appear.

Team Bio/Notes (Middle right section):

1- Click the — to start a description (or click a current description to edit)

2- Type in whatever you’d like.  Some teams enter highlights, schedules, team manager contact info, etc.

Club Accomplishments and Club Info:

This is information entered by the club and is not editable by the team.


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