How do I edit athletes’ profiles?

1- Go to the Athletes Tab

2- Search (on the left) for the correct player (in the middle) or just scroll down.

From here, you may want to just edit basic information (such as what appears on the URL/brochure), or more detailed information (such as the commitment)

Basic information:

3- Click the Edit icon towards the top right of the athlete’s card.

4- A pop-up will appear so you can enter information.

5- Click Save Changes

More detailed information:

6- Click anywhere within the athlete’s card, and you’ll see more information appear on the right.

7- Click More Info

Note: You are now “impersonating” the player so you can see exactly what they see.  Please see the link on Impersonations for more info on this and how to get back to your normal login. If you do not leave the Impersonation, you will get an error message.  

8- Click Profile on the Top Left.  You can now edit the athlete’s information by clicking on each individual line/item.


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