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Innovative Highlight Video Editing Technology to Assist in Your College Recruiting Journey

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Easy to Use Highlight Video Technology

Easily create high quality recruiting highlight reels. Simply upload any video, then cut, combine and publish – it’s that simple. You can even add isolation effects for a professional quality highlight video college coaches will love!

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Upload your videos from any sources to create your ultimate college recruiting highlight video, featuring all of your best moments.


Isolation Effects

Make it easy for coaches to identify you in your recruiting highlight videos by easily adding in our isolation and other video editing effects.


Combine, Cut and Edit

Our innovative cut, combine and editing tool allows you to simply and easily make a professional college recruiting highlight video in a short amount of time.

ACA Edited Highlight Reels – $249

Want a professional highlight reel without having to pay for access to the Fit First Platform and Editing Tool? ACA can create a professional highlight reel for you from your captured footage complete with title, isolation effects and contact information.

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