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A Comprehensive Recruiting Course on every
aspect of the College Recruiting Process.

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5 Key College Recruiting Modules

A series of five modules complete with videos, podcasts, data and guidance on every aspect of the college recruiting
process. No fluff, just practical guidance based on years of experience on what works and what doesn’t.

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1. Recruiting Industry

Comprehensive outline of the college recruiting industry and process including deadlines, timelines and other important information.

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2. Finding Best Fit

Narrowing down your list of schools can be difficult, especially with such a large number of schools to choose from. Module 2 guides you through this process and helps you find your Best Fit Schools.

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3. Recruiting Exposure

Proven strategies to attract the attention of college coaches and help you avoid the flawed strategies that most recruiting companies employ.

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4. Coach Communication

The college coach communication module will help you create an effective coach communication strategy.

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5. Final Decision

Expert, clear guidance on the most important factors that will help you successfully make the final decision.

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The Recruiting
Process is Complex

Learn to navigate each of the complex steps associated with the college recruiting process using the Pathways Recruiting Course. Understand the landscape of how coaches recruit before learning how to create your list of colleges that are a good fit. Using this list of colleges as a compass the Pathways Course guides you through the process of getting exposed and communicating with coaches before making the final college decision.

Module 1

The Recruiting Industry 

Module 2

Find Your Best Fit Colleges

Module 3

Exposure to Coaches

Module 4

Coach Communication

Module 5

The Final Decision

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