Club Marketing Package

Helping strengthen your clubs brand image as a leader in college placement.

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Tailored For Your Club

Strengthen your clubs brand with relevant timely recruiting information designed by ACA
and customized for your clubs marketing channels. The package consists of
brand specific images, posts, videos and other marketing materials.

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Social media

Templates for all social platforms.

email designs

Beautiful email templates.

video marketing

Visual marketing content.

Website landing page

Landing page for new features.

Social Media Templates

Professional and informative social media templates and content for your clubs social marketing platforms.

Email Templates

Informative and branded email templates to send to families as part of for your clubs marketing efforts.

Video Content

Informative, high quality educational videos for your marketing platforms on the recruiting process and features of the College Pathway Program.

Website Landing Page

A landing page on your website to show off and provide access to the Fit First Platform, Pathways Course and other key ACA Partnership features.

Take Your Club’s Marketing To The Next Level


ACA found that it wasn’t enough to provide your club with the technology to create the most streamlined pathway to college for your athletes, but that it was important to assist your club in telling this story to families. That is why ACA provides the Club Marketing Package with every Club Partnership. The Marketing Package allows your club to show off your innovative technology and recruiting resources to current and prospective families. The variety, quality and tailored nature of marketing materials takes all of the work out of your club’s social media, email, website and educational marketing and allows you to take your club to the next level in the marketplace. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in the ACA Marketing Package?

The ACA Marketing Package includes 25 marketing images for use with your social media, website and other marketing efforts. The Marketing Package also includes email templates to send to your current and prospective families and athletes. Finally, the Marketing Package includes 25 marketing videos for your website and social media platforms.

What is the goal of the ACA Marketing Package?

The ACA Marketing Package is provided to Clubs to assist in taking your marketing efforts to the next level and to communicate the value of the Clubs College Pathway Partnership with ACA to families. 

What do the marketing images and videos include?

The marketing images and videos include informative content about the college recruiting pathway and how to successful navigate it as well as messaging about key features of your partnership with ACA and which will help distinguish your club as a preferred destination for student-athletes that want to play in college.

How can we use our Marketing Package?

ACA provides you with with the complete Marketing Package and guidelines for how best to leverage the marketing package it to elevate your brand. However, it is totally up to the club how they use the Marketing Package.

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