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College coaches don’t trust recruiting services. Families
using these services decrease their chances of getting
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About ACA

Athlete College Advisors is the industry leader in student-athlete college advising with over 30 years of NCAA coaching and recruiting experience. ACA understands how college coaches think and operate during the recruiting process. ACA focuses on how college coaches actually recruit in order to educate student-athletes and provide a proven and effective college recruiting strategy.

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A Dose of Reality

Recruiting Services want student-athletes to believe that every college coach uses their platforms to look at profiles, watch videos, send messages, and recruit players. These services advertise misleading statistics such as ‘number of profiles viewed’ and ‘number of players recruited’ to deceive families into thinking their platforms are effective. In reality, using a recruiting service may actually decrease a student-athlete’s chances of getting recruited. Why? Because the vast majority of college coaches don’t use recruiting services to find, evaluate, and communicate with players.

How Coaches Think

An ACA survey of NCAA college coaches in the U.S. found that only 5% of coaches like to receive communications from or linking to recruiting service sites. 98% of these coaches list personalized email as their preferred method of communication. These statistics refute the claims of recruiting services that coaches use their platforms as a recruiting tool. Recruiting services advocate for generic communications with as many coaches as possible. The content of these mass messages is impersonal, while the recruiting service branding and profile links lead coaches to believe that a player is not genuinely interested.  

Why ACA Is Different

ACA understands that college coaches want to communicate with recruits, not recruiting services. ACA eliminates the middleman from the recruiting process by providing student-athletes with the technology and resources to find and communicate with a targeted list of coaches directly and personally. ACA’s process is proven, practical and will greatly increase a student-athletes chances of a successful recruiting outcome.



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